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6 House Painting Mistakes That Can Ruin a Paint Job

To save time and money, we often entertain the idea of painting our house ourselves. And when the time comes to do so, we’re surprised to see that we’re not as prepared as we thought we would be. Because of this, we commit mistakes that often drastically affect the quality of our paint job. This is one of the reasons why hiring professional Carmel house painters is much more advisable than DIY painting. They rarely commit mistakes, and when they do, they know precisely what measures to take to cover those mistakes with the same paint.

If you’re planning to paint your house yourself, do be careful and avoid the following house painting mistakes.

1. Lack of Preparation

It’s much preferable to work on anything if you’re well prepared. The same can be said for house painting. If you decide to paint your home the DIY way, do yourself a favor and prepare for the task accordingly. Gather all the tools and keep them in one place. Buy all the paint necessary for the project. Research how professional Carmel house painters start and finish their paint job. Preparation is critical, especially when it comes to house painting.

2. Not Using Drop Cloths

The idea of paint dripping on furniture and decoration can be a nightmare. However, many homeowners still need to protect their items during house pang. They often accidentally splash paint on their belongings, and we don’t need to talk about how difficult it is to remove paint on couches! For this reason, professional Carmel house painters urge homeowners to use drop cloths to protect their decorations, furniture, and belongings with drop cloth or old sheets.

3. Not Using Painter’s Tape

Attention to detail is often what separates the amateur from the professional. This fact is evident when you observe the paint job of a regular homeowner versus a professional Carmel house painter. Most house painters avoid painting over the edges of the walls using painter’s tape, something that most homeowners aren’t even aware of in the first place. If you don’t want to apply paint over the edges and the adjacent wall, grab some painter’s tape before you start painting!

4. Painting Without Priming

This is the most common mistake many homeowners make regarding house painting. While priming is not always necessary, Carmel house painters consider it a rule of thumb to do so. Primer helps the paint adhere better to surfaces, not to mention preventing existing dark paint from bleeding out.

5. Dipping the Brush Too Deep Down the Paint

You may think submerging your brush too deep down the paint can be a minor mistake, but trust us, it’s not. By doing so, you’re oversaturating your brush, which will affect the quality of your paint job. For flat surfaces, we suggest you get a roller and roll it in a tray full of paint. Roll it a few times to ensure you’re not soaking it too much. For paint brushes, only dip about a third of the brush down the paint and run it over the lid to remove excess paint.

6. Not Buying the Correct Amount of Paint

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One of the worst-case scenarios when it comes to house painting is realizing you’re out of paint and your local paint shop is out of stock. Once that happens, you’ll either have to scour the area for shops that sell the same paint or buy something close to it. Choosing the latter will lead to a poor paint job that will annoy the hell out of you whenever you look at it. When it comes to house painting, do yourself a favor and calculate the right amount of paint you need for your project.


Much like any home improvement project, it’s natural to make mistakes when painting your home. But if you want to avoid it as much as possible, you’ll need to gather years of painting experience or hire professional Carmel house painters from Carmel’s Best House Painting.

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