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The Right Painting For Your Baby’s Room

If you are planning to paint your baby’s room, before you start, take some advice from an exterior house painter in Carmel, NY. We feel how exciting it is when you are expecting a baby on the way. You want to prepare all the baby essentials like clothes, diapers, infant formula, nursing bottles, plenty of wipes, crib, and furniture, or you even change the style of your home. Meanwhile, you also want to change the look of the nursery room by repainting it. Here are some advice on the paintings that will be perfect for your baby’s bedroom.

White Walls And Bold Wallpapers

Baby room design - Carmel's Best House Painting

You can never go wrong with white walls. White never goes out of style. Partnering it with bold wallpapers will provide a classic, elegant, and modern style environment. It always creates a light-filled and cheerful space for you and your newborn.

No Wallpaper? No Problem! Pattern Painting Is The Solution

Wallpaper may be costly at times depending on its type. But you do not have to spend a lot if you are creative enough. Since you are on a tight budget, instead of wallpapers, look out for an easy wall pattern that you can apply freehand.

Monochrome Paint Is Simple But Beautiful

Monochrome Paint Carmel's House Painting

One of the most common impressions of people on monochrome is that only refers to the colors white or cream. However, it does not apply when we talk about the baby’s room. A professional exterior house painter in Carmel, NY, knows that bold pink and blue will provide a delightful vibe inside the nursery’s room and lift the mood of both the baby and the mother.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be More Artistic! Try Two-Tone Walls

Do not hesitate to be more creative and artistic for your newborn’s room by trying out two-tone walls. Having two shades of paint in the room creates a fun mood in the area. Plus, this combination will make your ceiling feel taller and creates an airy feeling in the room as well.

Try Boho Style

Boho Style, which also means Bohemian Style, is a perfect interior for people who appreciate nature, patterns, colors, and textures. The design is carefree and depends on the preference of a person but it usually contains plants.

If your home is already in Boho Aesthetic, you can also do this to the nursery room to complement the interior of your home. Since this style commonly contains plants inside the area, it also can help to humidify the air and create a welcoming environment to the baby’s room.

Choose The Baby-Safe Paint

After you decide on what painting to put on your baby’s bedroom, the next step is to choose baby-safe paint. Look for paint products that are water-based and have zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Emission paints that have zero VOC usually contain smaller than 5 grams per liter of organic compounds comparable to 50 grams per liter that is usually found in low VOC paint.

You can buy these paints from your local store or online. Also, look for paint that doesn’t need a primer for lesser chemicals to be used. An expert exterior house painter in Carmel, NY, will even recommend some specific brands.

Meanwhile, if mold is present in your house, there are safe paints that contain antimicrobial agents to keep mold and mildew away.

Is Painting The Baby’s Bedroom Safe While Pregnant?

Painting the nursery room while you are pregnant may sound scary. Of course, you want to take care of yourself because you still have your baby inside you. While the paint you will buy is zero VOC, it’s still safe to let someone do it. Just allow the air to flow in the room and let the paint completely dry.

Paint Your Baby’s Room With Carmel's Best House Painting

We want to be part of your parenthood journey. With the help of a skilled exterior house painter at Carmel’s Best House Painting, you can ensure that your baby is safe while getting the best painting project possible. Contact them today for more information!