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These 6 Tips Will Help You Paint Your Interior Doors

When painted correctly, your interior doors can be an impactful element in your home. Using the right paint color can transform any boring door into a magical and vibrant gateway to your living spaces. Painting your doors, however, is easier said than done. You might think this piece of wood is easy to work on, but if you want a professional-looking paint job, you’ll need to paint like a pro. Here are some tips from the best Carmel painting contractor that will help you paint your interior doors as a professional painter would.

1. Detach the Door

Many homeowners who painted their doors without detaching them first understood how wrong their actions were. According to Carmel painting contractors, working on a detached door is much easier than a hinged one. After detaching a door, you can lay it on a table and paint it. Once you do, you won’t have to worry about dripping paint across the door and on your floors. It’s also less labor-intensive to paint a horizontally-oriented door than stooping up and down a vertically-oriented one.

2. Prop the Door Correctly

If you think putting your door on the floor to paint it is the right way to go, you’re mistaken. Many homeowners commit this mistake, which often results in imperfect paint due to the dirt transferred from the floor to the door. Instead of placing down your interior doors on the ground, prop them on a working table and prop them up using a set painter’s pyramids. These handy pointed plastic tools touch as few surfaces as possible, allowing you to paint the door effortlessly.

3. Remove the Doorknob

We’ve all seen poorly painted doors and door knobs splashed with paint. Paint thinners present on your paint (if you’ve mixed one) can damage your doorknob and ruin its look. If you want to avoid such a scenario, Carmel painting contractors advise you to remove the doorknob before you even paint your interior door. Doing so will prevent paint splashed all over it. But if you can’t remove the doorknob, try protecting it using masking tape.

4. Fix the Damages First Before Painting

If you want a flawless paint job, you’d want to fix any damages present on the door. Doing so will make the paint application smooth and without any imperfections. Fill small holes and cracks using gypsum plaster and wood fillers. You can apply these products using a putty knife. After applying them, let them dry for a few hours, and once they’re dry, you can finally start painting your interior door.

5. Sand and Prime the Surface Before Painting

After fixing the damage on your door, you may think that it’s now ready for painting. Hold on; you need to sand and prime it first! Carmel painting contractors recommend you manually sand the door or use a power sander, whatever works for you. Be sure to use 120-grit sandpaper. Once you’re done sanding the door, grab a clean cloth, dampen it with mineral spirits, and wipe the door. Be sure to grab another clean cloth to eliminate any dirt created during the sanding process. Then, prime the door and let it dry. Finally, sand the surface again, but use 220-grit sandpaper this time.

6. Hasten the Drying Process

Try to accelerate the drying process of the paint by first applying light and even coats. If you’re using a roller, apply the paint in a back-and-forth motion. But if you’re using a paintbrush, scraping it off the paint can eliminate any excess paint. Be sure to increase the ventilation in your working space to dry your painted door faster using ceiling and floor fans.

The Best Carmel Painting Contractor’s Thoughts on Painting Interior Doors

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Painting any interior door is a straightforward process that involves little to no complications. However, we understand that many homeowners still need help to do so. After all, painting itself is challenging. Hiring a professional like Carmel’s Best House Painting to do it for you is often the best way to achieve a stunning paint job. If you require experienced painters who can beautify your interior doors, don’t hesitate to call us. We can give you a quote for your project at no cost.